Climate neutral by 2025!

Since 1948, we have developed products with long lifespans and the best warranty in the market. Now, we will become climate neutral by 2025!


1 instead of 2 is better than 2 for 1

The most environmentally friendly option is often what you do not produce. Therefore, we believe it is better that we make one proper coffee maker rather than you buying two.

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No reason to wrap it up

We only use cardboard from certified wood, have cut 26 tons of styrofoam every year, and are now aiming for all packaging to be recycled.

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Fewer transport stages

Better transport planning allows us to avoid intermediate storage and find more environmentally friendly shipping options for both the store and the end customer.

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Can it be fixed?
Of course, it can!

With an increasing number of spare parts and new service workshops, we make it even easier and more affordable to repair instead of buying new.

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Social responsibility

Proper products must be produced under proper conditions. We do not manufacture anything where we have not been present ourselves to ensure that all laws and regulations are followed.

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Environmental and social responsibility

Statement according to the Transparency Act

The purpose of the Norwegian Transparency Act, which came into effect on July 1, 2022, is for Norwegian companies to work towards good working conditions and compliance with human rights in their supply chains.

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