CGWS-130B Black

Approved by European Coffee Brewing Center

  • Lower speed - better result
  • Adjustable grinding from coarse to fine
  • Conical burr grinder
  • Large 250 gr bean container
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Product information


Freshly grinded coffee gives you twice the taste! When coffee is grinded, up to 800 aromas are released, but after few minutes, half of it is gone. That is why you should always grind your own coffee to get the most out of it.

Large capacity (250 gr) and solid Stainless steel grinder. Many grind settings from coarse to fine so you can make boiled coffee, filter or Mocca. The new motor grinds more slowly, being more gentle to the beans and avoiding friction which can release wrong taste from the beans Easy to clean. the coffee container can easily be dismounted for cleaning. The plastic is treated so it protects against sunlight which can damage the coffee. With the timer function, you can control the amount of coffee being grinded so you get the right amount every time.

Conical burr grinder

The conical burr grinder gives an even and good result so you keep all the right tastes from the coffee


The timer function makes it easy to control the amount of coffee you grind at one time

Adjustable grinding

The grinder can be adjusted from coarse to fine, so you can enjoy boiled, filter or mocca coffee. The bean container is coated to protect against UV light so the beans are kept fresh

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Anbefalt kaffekvern av 5.10.2019

Technical specifications

  • ArticleNumber:605771
  • Color:black
  • Material:plastic
  • Guarantee:5 år
  • Product Auto Off Function:Yes
  • Product Cable Storage:Yes
  • Product Capacity:250g
  • Product Effect Watt:130
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