WSP-2A Aluminium


Best in test (TV2 hjelper deg)

  • Advanced technology secures correct temperature from first to last drop
  • Unique technology - pump empties the system for water, securing fresh water for every brew
  • Detachable water tank with measurement indicator
  • 1,25 litre / 12 cup capacity
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Product information


Best in test coffee maker which allows you to brew the worlds best coffee.

SVART Precision isn't just a new coffee maker – it is the coffeemaker rethought.

Wilfa SVART Precision WSP-2A is newly developed on a new platform. Delivering the perfect coffee, brewed with the optimal coffee temperature throughout the whole brewing process for the best coffee taste. There are many success factors to brew perfect coffee, and correct temperature is one of them.

Coffee without old taste.  – Microscopic coffee residue and oils gets stuck in the jug. with the detachable water tank, you avoid using the jug for filling water.

Alltid friskt vann   –. Svart Precision has an integrated pump which empties the unit completely for water every time - securing that you always use fresh water for your brewing – 

Detachable water tank

With the detachable water tank, you always get fresh water without getting coffee residue from the jug. And we even put marking on the side so you always know how much coffee you should use to your chosen amount of water

In traditional coffee makers, it is normal to use the jug to fill water. but this contains coffee residue from earlier brews which will give bad taste on your new brew. When this is done, your old coffee will taste bitter and old.

Drip stop (flow control)

Adjustable drip stop gives perfect coffee, no matter if you make little or a lot of coffee. The filter holder on Wilfa Svart Precision as adjustable drip stop called flow control. Flow control lets you control how quick the water runs through the coffee, and hence the extraction of the coffee, so you can make perfect coffee whether you make 1 or 10 cups.


All aromas will be fully utilized with the unique shower head, spreading the water evenly over the coffee.


Good coffee is not difficult to make;. Good coffee is a relationship between quality coffee and perfect brewing. Therefore, remember to alway weigh your coffee and use fresh water

Best in test coffee maker

Testwinner in coffee maker test by TV2: This makes the best coffee .

Technical specifications

  • ArticleNumber:602175
  • Color:aluminium
  • Material:aluminium
  • Product Aroma Control:Yes
  • Product Auto Off Function:Yes
  • Product Capacity:1,25L
  • Product Capacity Cups:10
  • Product Detachable Water Tank:Yes
  • Product Effect Watt:1840
  • Product Heating Element:2
  • Product Jug Material:Glass
  • Product Manual Drip Stop:Yes
  • Product Keep Warm Function:Yes
  • Product Mixing Lid:Yes
  • Product One Cup Brewing:Yes
  • Product Preparation Method:Filter
  • Product Customs Code:Yes
  • Product Accessories:Measuring spoon
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Vidar Grimelind

Meget fornøyd med min Wilfa kaffemaskin, jeg elsker å servere denne morgenkaffen til min kone


Veldig god kaffetrakter. Får virkelig fram aromaen i nybrygget kaffe