WAD-619B Black

Best in test 2017

  • 1700 watt heating element for quick frying
  • Conical plates secures even thickness on the waffles
  • Airvents release steam - the waffle becomes fried, not cooked
  • Includes a laddle to give perfect dosage and avoid spill
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WAD-619B Wilfa double wafflemaker
WAD-619W Wilfa double wafflemaker
Product information


Award winning Nordic designed double waffle maker.

Best in test: The waffle maker won best in test in "test guiden" 2017.

Thick cast iron

Thick cast iron plates for even frying result.


The airvents releases steam and makes sure the waffles are fried, not cooked and gives a more even result.

Conical plates

Conical plates secures a more even frying result

Double non stick coating

Double non stick coating for a more even result, longer durability and better release effect.

Heating element

The heating element if designed as a spiral to give more even frying result.

Accurate adjustable thermostat with signal lamp

With the adjustable thermostat, you choose whether to have light, medium or dark fried waffles.

Including laddle

The waffle maker comes with an laddle with perfect size for the batter - no more spill and always perfect waffles

Finger protection

The waffle maker has finger protection against hot steam.


Can be stored upright for saving space when not in use.

Technical specifications

  • ArticleNumber:602729
  • Color:black
  • Material:phenolic
  • Product Cable Storage:Yes
  • Product Capacity:6 hearts
  • Product Digital Mechanical Control Panel:Mechanical
  • Product Effect Watt:1700
  • Product Adjustable Thermostate:Yes
  • Product Non Stick Coating:Yes
  • Product Portion Size Shape:2 x 6 hearts 19 cm
  • Product Customs Code:Yes
  • Product Thermostat:Stepless
  • Product Washable:NO
  • Product Accessories:spoon
  • Product Type:Double
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