An external hygrostat will help you to measure the humidity in your room.

We recommend a humidity between 40-50%. This is a good area to avoid irritated airways and dry skin, take care of your furniture’s and plants.

When humidity increases so do the perceived temperature and you can save electricity and the environment at the same time.

The HY-2 hygrostat is small, light, and cordless, making it possible to place on any shelf, table, or frame. You can even use a double-sided tape to stick it on the wall if there’s nothing else around. We recommend placing it in the area close to your standing and sitting height. The HY-2 measures both humidity and temperature and your head will most likely feel the changes the best.

Some of our air humidifiers have integrated hygrostats that is great to have for automation and adjusting the humidity. An external hygrostat is still a nice supplement to check how the humidity spreads through the room.

Both temperature and humidity will normally vary some around the room. Close to a heater it will likely be dryer and warmer, close to a big window it will likely be colder and more humid. Though the humidity will spread naturally around the room the portable hygrostat can help to optimize the placement of your humidifier.

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