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  • Advanced technology guarantees perfect brewing temperature from the first to the last drop
  • Unique technology - Pump empties the funnel of water after each funnel
  • Removable water tank - guarantees clean and fresh water
  • Designed and developed in Norway
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Meet the latest innovation in our coffee makers - the Performance Compact. With its compact and space-saving design, it's perfect for any size kitchen. Enjoy outstanding coffee every morning with our compact coffee maker that delivers big flavors despite its small footprint.

Perfect temperature

Performance Compact has an advanced brewing system that delivers water at the optimal extraction temperature throughout the brewing process. It has a brewing temperature of 92-96° from the first to the last drop, resulting in an unforgettable taste experience.

Compact size

The Performance Compact coffee maker is designed to fit on any kitchen worktop with a small footprint of just 20x22 cm. This makes it perfect for a smaller student kitchen, at the cottage, for those who want more countertop space, or for those who want a smaller coffee maker.

Unique technology

Fresh water is one of the most important ingredients in good coffee. Thanks to Wilfa's unique water pump technology, the Performance Compact completely drains the machine of water with each brew and you brew the next pot using only fresh water.

This is in contrast to other coffee makers where water is left in the system when the brewing is finished, which in turn affects the taste of the coffee in the next brew.

Detachable water tank - always clean water

The convenient removable 1-liter water tank makes filling water easy and spill-free, while the water you use will always be clean.

The coffee flask may be tempting to use for filling water, but it carries with it coffee residue that can add flavor to the new coffee you're about to make. Over time, using the coffee flask to fill water will cause the coffee maker to taste like old coffee. This is because fat from the coffee remains in the flask and these microscopic coffee residues are transferred when you use the flask to fill water.

Correct coffee to water ratio

Use the measuring guide on the water container to get the optimal ratio of coffee to water for each dispensing.

Drip - stop (flow control)

The Performance Compact coffee maker has an automatic drip stop to prevent spillage. Automatic drip stop means that there is a mechanism that prevents coffee from dripping when you remove the flask with freshly brewed coffee.

Hot plate with auto stop

The machine has a heating plate that keeps the coffee hot after brewing. It switches off automatically after 40 minutes for safety reasons.

Tip. We recommend making coffee several times rather than storing it for a long time to get the best tasting coffee.

Unikt spredningshode

Alle de gode smakene fra kaffen vil bli fullt utnyttet med det unike spredningshodet som sprer vannet jevnt utover kaffen under bryggingen.


Startknappen fungerer også som en indikator for når trakteren bør renses. Da viser startknappen et pulserende lys og du bør rengjøre trakteren.


The funnel is silent.

Approved by ECBC

Performance is approved by European Coffee Brewing Center (ECBC), which sets requirements for water temperature and contact time with the water. To get the maximum flavors and aromas from the coffee, it is essential that the coffee maker works with the correct water temperature from the very beginning and throughout the brewing time. At the same time, it is important that the water does not take too short or too long to flow through the coffee powder. Small deviations can result in either sour or bitter coffee.

Designed and developed in Norway

We know the wishes and needs of the Norwegian and Nordic home and work continuously to deliver products that meet these needs.


Technical specifications

  • ArticleNumber:602277
  • Color:black
  • Material:plastic
  • Guarantee:5 year
  • Product Auto Drip Stop Function:Yes
  • Product Auto Off Function:Yes
  • Product Capacity:1,25L
  • Product Capacity Cups:8
  • Product Detachable Water Tank:Yes
  • Product Ecbc Approved:Yes
  • Product Effect Watt:1600
  • Product Heating Element:2
  • Product Jug Material:Glass
  • Product Keep Warm Function:Yes
  • Product Mixing Lid:Yes
  • Product One Cup Brewing:Yes
  • Product Preparation Method:Filter
  • Product Washable:Yes
  • Product Accessories:Coffee spoon
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Ian J.

Best coffee maker I have owned. Combined with fresh coffee ground in my Wilfa CGWS coffee grinder, coffee doesn't come better.