About Wilfa

Wilfa is a Norwegian-owned company established in 1948 and is today one of the leading suppliers of small electrical appliances for households in the Nordic region. Wilfa is a prominent brand with a focus on design, quality, safety, and innovation. We prioritize environmental considerations in all our work, and as of spring 2020, Wilfa is environmentally certified and has become an eco-lighthouse company – something we take pride in!

Our vision is to deliver beyond expectations. From the quality of our products to outstanding customer service – all to provide you with a fantastic experience when using our products. Our goal is to offer you the most functional products that make it easy for you to succeed, with smart details that simplify your everyday life.

Wilfa currently offers products under our own brands, including Wilfa small electrical appliances, EGO frying pans, pots, and knives, E-Free scooters, and E-Way scooters.

Wilfa also serves as a distributor for the following brands in Norway: Stadler Form climate products and Jordan electric toothbrushes.

Our customers are our top priority, and we welcome your feedback, whether it's constructive criticism, praise, or ideas on how we can improve ourselves and our products.

Feel free to email us at either sale@wilfa.com or directly to me.

Wishing you many great experiences together,

Morten Hoff,
CEO Wilfa

The Leadership Team at Wilfa: Morten Hoff; CEO, Per Arne Klavenes; CFO, Christina Fransson; CPO, Andre Johnsen; CIO.

For contact: contact@wilfa.com

For any queastion about the web site and its content, contact Head of Digital Communication; Veronica Røkke at veronica@wilfa.com