BPF-1200S Steel

High speed blender

  • 1200 Watt Prograde motor - can run for 10 minutes
  • Heats up ingredients with friction
  • Unbreakable and heat resistant Tritan jug
  • 3 Programs: smoothie, soup, vegetable drink
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Blender Powerfuel BPF-1200S, med 10 års motorgaranti.
Product information


The Powerfuel blender is a high speed blender with 28.000 RPM and a 1200 Watt Prograde motor.


Powerful ProGrade motor 1200 Watt. The blender can run for 10 minutes continously without overheating. Max power under maximum force is a full 2,5 Horsepower.


5 solid knifes in Japanese steel. Easily cuts ice, nuts, seeds and other hard ingredients.

High speed and stamina

Powerfuel can run for 10 minutes with 28.000 RPM. Most blenders for home use can only run for 2-3 minutes continously. The blender doesn't have a heating element, but because of the high speed, the large metal plate in the bottom and the strong motor, it can heat up the content of the mug if it is run for several minutes. The intelligent powersystem gives more power when needed.

3 preset programs

Powerfuel has 3 preset programs: soup, smoothie or vegetable drink.

Pulse function

Pulsefunction gives extra speed quickly when needed.

Solid Tritan jug

The solid Tritan has a 1,5 litre capacity and can withstand temperatures up to 100 degree. It is light weight, yet extremely solid and basically unbreakable.


Powerfuel comes with a 10 year motor guarantee.


The blender can easily be cleaned. Just add a few drops of soap and some hot water and run the unit on maximum speed for 30 seconds. Then rinse with clean water.

Wilfa PowerFuel in media:

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Tips og oppskrifter

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Technical specifications

  • ArticleNumber:603982
  • Color:steel
  • Material:steel
  • Product Capacity:1,5L
  • Product Digital Mechanical Control Panel:Mechanical
  • Product Effect Watt:1200
  • Product Jug Material:Tritan
  • Product Detachable Knives:Yes
  • Product Programs:3
  • Product Pulse Function:Yes
  • Product Rpm:22000
  • Product Washable:Yes
  • Product Other Info:Can run for 10 min.
  • Product Type:High speed blender
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