SJV-150B Black

Powerful slowjuicer

  • 150 Watt / 45 RPM
  • Tritan grinder - solid and doesn't take on colour
  • Drip stop
  • Dishwasher safe parts
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SJV-150B Slowjuicer
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Product information


Largo slow juicer is best in test and lets you press fresh juice from almost any vegetable or fruit. By slowly pressing the juice, you keep all cells in the fruit and taste, colour and vitamins are kept.
SJ-150B comes in elegant matt black finish. it lets you squeeze fresh juices from fruits, vegetables, nuts etc. It has a practical drip stop to prevent spill, is supersilent in use and easy to clean. Since the unit is without knifes and sharp edges, it is possible for the kids to make their own juices in a safe way as well.
Technical specifications

  • ArticleNumber:603973
  • Color:black
  • Material:plastic
  • Product Effect Watt:150
  • Product Manual Drip Stop:Yes
  • Product Speed Settings:45 rpm
  • Product Washable:Spareparts is dishwasable safe
  • Product Other Info:Tritan grinder
  • Product Accessories:Cleaning brush
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