TBT-200GY Grey

Perfect for travel with cover and USB charging

  • Travel case and USB chargin
  • 2 speeds 8000/10000 RPM
  • Pressure sensor
  • 2 minutes timer
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TBT-200GY Jordan Smile Toothbrush (Grey)
TBT-200P Jordan Smile Toothbrush (pink)
Product information


With Jordan Smile, you get a more thorough brushing than with manual toothbrush. It has 2 speed modes so you can choose between a more gentle brushing(8000 RPM) or a more thorough (10.000 RPM) brushing.

Long battery capacity

The strong battery can last for 80 minutes which is equal to 20 days of brushing. And when it needs charging, you can charge it through a USB cable. It also has a 10 minutes quick charge in case you should run out of battery.

Pressure sensor

The pressure sensor will tell you if you brush too hard. It also tells you when you have brushed the recommended 2 minutes

Compatible with other brush heads

The Jordan Smile plus toothbrush can use all Jordans unique brush heads. These have many unique features which makes them a great choice. Should you want to use other branded brushheads, most popular oscillating brush heads are compatible with the toothbrush

Travel case

Bring your toothbrush on travels with this convenient travel case.
Technical specifications

  • ArticleNumber:604125
  • Color:grey
  • Material:plastic
  • Product Capacity:80 minutes battery time
  • Product Cordless:Yes
  • Product Detachable Cord:Yes
  • Product Rpm:10000
  • Product Settings:2
  • Product Customs Code:Yes
  • Product Speed Settings:2
  • Product Other Info:Fully charged in 2,5 hours
  • Product Accessories:USB cable, travel case
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